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Probiotic Face Masks Reveal Your Inner Glow

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Probiotic Face Masks Reveal Your Inner Glow

Skin Republic, Australia’s #1 sheet mask brand, has jumped onto one of the top wellness trends of the decade – probiotics. The latest addition to their fully biodegradable range of sheet masks, the new Skin Republic Probiotic Face Mask Sheet encourages good bacteria to flourish, helping skin regulate oil production (no more breakouts!), reduce redness and soothe sensitivity leaving skin hydrated and nourished. All this while also coming in a new biodegradable packaging solution, so that not only are you looking after your skin but also taking a more environmentally responsible approach to your skincare routine.  

What exactly are probiotics?

Probiotics are a very popular health food ingredient, filled with good bacteria that can help balance your gut. Probiotics are now as fundamental to a beauty insiders’ skin care regime as are retinol and hyaluronic acid – and for good reason. The Skin Republic Probiotic Face Mask Sheet helps foster the rich and diverse microbiome on your skin that may have been damaged by the elements during your day or perhaps by an extra vigorous cleansing. This sort of damage to your skin’s natural bacteria ecosystem can have disastrous consequences for your skin’s health and wellbeing. 

Just like the digestive system, our skin is made up of a delicate microbiome containing millions of microorganisms (or good bacteria) that work together to maintain the delicate balance of skin. While the microbiome of balanced skin looks healthy, bouncy and happy, out of balance skin can show signs of inflammation, acne, redness, irritation and dryness. Therefore it is important that your skincare routine fosters a healthy microbiome environment to maximise the natural radiant glow of your skin. Rather than trying to eliminate all bacteria from your skin, enlist the power of good bacteria and feel the natural comfort that comes from having a healthy well balanced skin microbiome.

Lactobacillus, the active ingredient in the Skin Republic Biodegradable Probiotic Face Mask, has been shown to restore a healthy pH balance to the skin while reducing acne, inflammation, redness and sensitivity. The formulation is enhanced with coconut which is rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin E - helping to boost skin health and vitality while intensely soothing and locking in moisture. This one two punch can be wonderfully supportive for tired and damaged skin. The renewed microbiome supported by probiotics takes in all the soothing goodness of the essential acids and vitamin E, and takes the fight directly to the causes of inflamed and irritated skin.

For skin that’s out of balance and in need of a bacterial-boost, pop on the Skin Republic Probiotic Face Mask Sheet twice a week to help build up your skin’s natural resilience – for balanced, healthy skin that glows naturally. 

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